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Our team work throughout Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Our excellent After Service Care engineers will ensure that your system is maintained according to manufacturer's requirements to ensure years of trouble free operation.





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Climate Control for Your Home

Fitting air conditioning is a great way to improve the level of comfort in your home. It is perfect for conservatories and loft conversions and with ultra low noise systems is widely installed in bedrooms. Air conditioning is the only way to provide genuine cooling in your home, whereas fans including the expensive bladeless fans will only move the hot air around.


Get a Better Night's Sleep with Climate Control

Having your bedroom at the right temperature is a vital part of getting a restful nights sleep. Our units are practically inaudible so will not keep you awake. Climate control lets you sleep with the window closed, which is great if you want to shut out biting insects, or the noise and pollution of traffic. Our units filter the air so they are ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Once you have felt the difference you will never want to go back to sleeping in a bedroom without air conditioning.


Cooling for Loft Conversions A loft you can use again

We have come to the rescue of a great many home owners who have found that despite having their loft converted to the most recent Building Regulations it is virtually unusable in the Summer months. Our compact, efficient air conditioning systems can be installed in a day and will provide many years of trouble free comfort. If you are thinking of converting your loft space then fitting air conditioning will negate the need to extend your heating system into the loft as our inverter units will provide cheap, effective heating during the winter months.


Cheap Heating and Cooling for your Conservatory

Have you found that your conservatory is only habitable for a small part of the year? Too hot in Summer and cold and damp in Winter. We make conservatories feel part of your home again with our range of floor and wall mount units. The cost comparison table below details how an air conditioning unit is the best way to heat your conservatory and will also provide effective cooling in the Summer months.


Ideal for Garden Room Home Offices

The low power requirements and low running costs make our small heat pump units an ideal solution for garden room offices and provide a comfortable working environment all year round.


Looking to Replace Electric Night Storage Heaters?

Air-Air heat pumps have much lower running costs than electric night storage heaters or direct output electric heaters, even the ones with the fancy electronic control. In winter, when the outside temperature is well below freezing, our heat pumps are moving heat energy from the outside air into peoples homes, providing cheap and effective comfort. If you are looking to replace electric night storage heaters or direct electric heaters in your home or office then air-air heat pumps are the most effective way to achieve this and will provide many years of cheap, reliable easy to use heating.


Heating Solutions for Garden Home Offices & Studios

The low electrical power requirements of our inverter units make them an ideal choice for outbuildings where long high power cable runs back to the main house would prove costly. Running costs are a quarter of comparative output direct electric heating without the associated dryness and odours of electric heating.


Air Conditioning for Larger Houses

Our multi split systems are designed so that a single outdoor unit can control a number of indoor units throughout the property. For larger properties requiring simultaneous heating and cooling in different areas we offer supply and installation of VRF systems which combine heat pump and heat recovery technology.

Choose Experience

From your initial enquiry all customers will have a single point of contact who will recommend the best solution for the application. All our quotes are fully inclusive and we always include all electrical works. Our qualified installers will ensure that your system is fitted on time with the minimum disruption and provide clear instruction on how to get the best out of your new climate control system.


Electric Heating Vs Heat Pump running costs

Systems comprise of an outdoor unit connected to one or more indoor units which can be floor mounted in place of existing electric heaters or wall mounted. Running costs are 25% of those of direct electric and our inverter controlled units will precisely maintain the temperature you require. An added advantage is that the units can be used for cooling in the summer months.

Catagory Types Cost per kWh of heat delivered Cost for 3kW of heat for 5 Hours Cost for 3 months at 3Kw of heat for 5 hours a day
Direct Electric Heating Panel Heaters
Oil Filled Radiators
Fan Heaters
Electric Underfloor Heating
15.25p 2.29 205.88
Air-Air Heat Pump Wall Mount
Floor Mount
Ceiling Cassette
3.81p 57p 51.47